Monday, April 04, 2016

Powerpuff Princess

BLACK AND WHITE CREEPERS (shoes): VINTAGE (from when I was a teenager) 

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Jeanette Converse

I first came across the amazing rainbow/ bunny/ kawaii enthusiast, Jeanette Converse on (where else?!) Instagram. I was immediately drawn to her enthusiasm, positivity and overall aesthetic. "This chick is fun af!" I followed her for several months, later discovering her Etsy shop. I hit her up on Depop a couple days later and I ended up ordering a custom jacket... I just told her what I wanted it to say and requested "rainbows" to be added somehow into the mix, but the jacket was predominantly her brain child.. I really wanted to just let her be super creative and do whatever.. And this was the result:

Completely rad, right?! 
So, Jeanette was awesome enough agree to a little interview..

Name: Jeanette Converse

Favorite childhood memory?
I was a State champion gymnast. Having spent most of my childhood upside down was wonderful and I totally recommend it! 💜

How would you describe your style?
I like to think my personal style is Japanese kawaii with a dash of punk rock and Lisa Frank thrown in for good measure. 

Who or what inspires your designs in your shop? Lately my husband and I have been watching nothing but Jpop videos and the art direction in them has been incredibly inspiring! Our favorites are by artists Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Dempagumi Inc. and Baby Metal. My husband Dima Drjuchin, is also an incredible artist and we constantly inspire each others work. 

How /when did the bunny love startI have alway's loved cute animal cartoons such as Lisa Frank, Poochie, Care Bears, and Strawberry Shortcake. And I would always draw cute animals in the margins of my papers in school. But the original #bunbungirlgang jacket started as something I was going to make for myself. I thought putting a bunny on the back might be a cute idea, and when I painted it the face ended up looking so much like my maltepoo Glitter! I completely fell in love. And the response I received both online and irl was overwhelming. Suddenly lots of other people wanted a bunny jacket, so I made it my logo. And I have made many other jackets since that have been purchased by the most incredible people, including gorgeous goddess Elle Fanning. It has now become a staple of my shop and I am so thankful for all of the love and support that they have brought my way! 

If you could be any character from any nickelodeon show, who would it be and why?I think I would be Clarissa from Clarissa Explains it all, she always had the sweetest leather jackets, and a cute boy climbing up her window everyday!  

Brenda or Kelly?
Wow this is tough for me. I love them both! I like to think they worked out their differences and now run a bad ass girl gang that supports other women! (What can I say I'm a dreamer lol)

Brandon or Dylan?
Brandon all the way!  

Biggest pet peeve
When girls hate on other girls out of jealousy. Don't get me wrong, I get jealous sometimes too, There are a lot of amazing girls out there doing awesome things. But we need to support and inspire each other, not tear each other down. If you support awesome women doing awesome things they will support you too!  

Fastest way to your heart?
Food! Haha I am hungry 100% of the time. And I have many food guilty pleasures. 

What can we expect from Jeanette Converse in the near future? I hope to get Jeanette Converse into more shops this year, and I would also love to sell at some Cons. Etsy has been good to me, but I feel like my stuff sells really well in person. One of my biggest dreams is style/ create costumes for a pop star/ Jpop star! That would be too much fun