Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Hiii! A new editorial that I styled was published by Grunge N Art Magazine! We had some last minute hiccups / hurdles, but I'm so pleased with how it turn out! It honestly just reinforces my theory (or opinion rather) that when a team works as a collective rather than only being concerned about thier own craft/role, the final product will almost always be pretty amazing. Without hesitation or any doubt I will say that I not only respect and look up to my other 3 team members as artists but truly like and care about them as human beings.
 These photos have a magical energy to them, they're ELECTRIC.. 


Saturday, December 19, 2015


These just dropped on Unif's Instagram and I had to immediately make a post! Emotionally and spiritually moved by the brilliance of whomever thought of the concept

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Why Wet Seal and Delias suck now (and what they need to do to not suck.)

They say the only constant is change, but that goes double for the fashion industry. 
As you guys who follow me regularly know, I'm an enormous fan of the 90s and early 00s, especially teen /teenie booper trends from that era. Sadly enough though, over the last decade most of our favorite childhood/teenage fashion staples have fallen from grace. Lately (over the last year-ish the slow subtle faze out of popular 90s mall and catalog brands have sped up. They're one dropping like flies and one by one all entering that depressing abyss of "I remember when ____ was so cool! lol wtf was I thinking?!".

First it wasDelia's (exacty this time last year.) announcing their close (which they later retracted and deluded to stay open)  then (less than 3 months later) Wetseal filled for bankruptcy.  My inner tween cried a lot in 2015...

After watching it happen a million times to countless celebrities, public figures and maybe even family or friends due to the reccession, the world is at a place now where we all finally understand that it doesn't matter how much money or how popular you are with the general public, it still never guarantees that it's forever.  The part of this that's most fascinating to me is, how the two most iconic teen fashion brands of the 90s are barely keeping thier heads above water during a 
A time in fashion and culture when people are so obsessed with that era-
 "Im so all 90s fashion and nostalgia everything 24/7!! Oh but not Wetseal tho, ew." 

 I want you guys to check out this article about Wet Seal published 3 days ago. Wet seal disgusses thier strategy and mindet regarding the future of the company. To summarize Wet Seal's plan is basically to get back to thier roots and do whatever they did in he 90s that led to thier success. My opinion: worst plan everrrr. They should be doing the opposite- the past is no more. It doesn't matter who they were to America's youth in 1996  or whatever. It's been 20 years- what used to (that hasn't evolved) is only relevent in 2015 when referenced ironically and on BuzzFeed.com 
Wet Seal's biggest problem is they can no longer relate to their demographic. They are clueless (no 90s pun intended)  as far as what their potential buyers are seeking and thinking in PRESENT times. 90s fashion may be back, but the average 18-24 year old is dramatically different than in 1996-  if I were whomever calls the shots at Wetseal. I would take 80%? Of those working at WS corporate headquarters, give them each a nice little severance package and be like "sorry, it's not personal but kick rocks forever"  and restaff. Basically they need to do (what seems like) what they are trying to avoid; drastically rebranding themselves. If they don't I give them 3 years MAX (probably only a year) before they go bankrupt again and close indefinitely.