Sunday, November 29, 2015


Hi!! Sorry I've been such a stranger to blogging lately, no excuses.. But yeah so I've been upcycling /DIY-ing denim jackets recently with (of course) a 90s/early 00s tween aesthetic. Sold almost all the ones I've made so far, but more importantly I've truly enjoyed the creative process of making them. One of jackets I made is a "Clarissa Explains It All" jacket. 

Now here's the twist; shortly after I made this googled "Clarissa Explains It All Denim Jacket" 
And found this..
As it turns out, Mitchell Kriegman (series creator of Clarissa) recently wrote a book entitled "Things I can't explain:a Clarissa Novel." and to celebrate the release of book Mitchell is bringing the original Claissa staff jacket! You can buy the jacket HERE and the book HERE

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Viva La DIY said...

I like the jacket you made better :)