Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Oldies but Favorities - "She was trouble"

This is an old Alida Buffalo Lookbook from 2012 which I wanted to share with you guys because it's an all time fav of mine. If you guys like this and want me to do more "oldies but favies" def let me know in the comments! Or else I'll just assume you hated this post and never ever ever want me to share inspo or this type of stuff everrrr again!!!  But really though, feedback helps me a lot. So when you like something (in this post or at any point in the future) let me know, so I can do more of whatever that is! :)


Lindwormmm said...

Yes, more of these, please <3 :D
I can see why you like these pictures so much. They are so lovely!
I think this kind of editing style (stickers etc) is really exciting and fun.
Do you know how the "trend" started? :)

Cara said...

Right?! :) thanks for the feedback (always!) Linda! As far as where and who started the trend, I can't say for certain but it's 90s tween inspired for sure. But If I were to guess how it came back and became relevent again, I think it started because of the whole zine craze; specifically Rookie Mag; Tavi Gevinson, Petra Collins etc.. If you liked this definitely check out my girl Jessi Jae Joplin/ The Fabulous Stains - Jessi and I are like aesthetic twins lol, we like the same stuff and are both inspired a lot by the 90s and early 00s. The Fabulous Stains site is a combo of recent fashion lookbooks/ editorials and personal projects by Jessi and Fab Stains. I think you'll dig it a lot! ❤️