Thursday, October 22, 2015


Pink denim Lizzie McGuire strawberry jacket

Light reading 

Granny square/crochet Ootd 

Playlist (Bernie Sanders) 
Decoupage pink pleather stickers skirt 

Glitter/Sticker magazine collage 

Friday, October 16, 2015


The corner of my room (yes, dating does get awkward.)

Made this bodysuit yesterday

#ootd earlier in the week 

This girl was walking by me and I asked if I could take picture of her head.. She was nice about it and was super open to letting me do it.

This is my girl Jessie's photo from the Lisa Frank Facebook group, but I bought the horse/kitty cat bag in the bottom right hand corner and I wanted to show it to you guys immediately (because I was way too excited to wait for it to arrive from Austrailia!)

Another #ootd from this week!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Oldies but Favorities - "She was trouble"

This is an old Alida Buffalo Lookbook from 2012 which I wanted to share with you guys because it's an all time fav of mine. If you guys like this and want me to do more "oldies but favies" def let me know in the comments! Or else I'll just assume you hated this post and never ever ever want me to share inspo or this type of stuff everrrr again!!!  But really though, feedback helps me a lot. So when you like something (in this post or at any point in the future) let me know, so I can do more of whatever that is! :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

She was a psychedelic mess

Heyyy! Hope everyone is enjoying Halloween season! (This isn't a Halloween post so please stop being excited.) 
These are some fun edits I did earlier just for the heck of it. I was trying this background erasing app to see if it was difficult to use. I think it was pretty user friendly, these might have looked better if I had more patience tho, haha. 

This last one doesn't really fit the theme,but I made it so needless to say I think it's hilarious.(which is why it's here.)

Friday, October 02, 2015

It's a new world

Quit my job, ate nerds on a rope, made a vinyl /sticker bodysuit, saw the light, watched some Dawson's Creek (season 3), realized how capable I am, ate more nerds on a rope, watched some porn, danced to early 90s club hits in my kitchen, told my dad I love him, internalized (even more) gratitude for my life, ate Nutella with my fingers, took 
over the world ❤️

New shit is afoot, watch out ;)