Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Eat Me Do "Tea Party" Lookbook

I LOVE this collection and Lookbook! I'm just an enormous fan of Eat Me Do in general. I love her aesthetic, because if feels like home. As for this Lookbook specifically, it's pretty flawless. Good photography, great styling, really fun upbeat vibe that is perfectly cohesive with the clothing. Only critic is that I thought the photography B A N A N A Lookbook was a lot stronger , the photography is great in this one too, but it's not really comparible to B A N A N A, which was breath taking. Overall though I would definitely say it's yet another *win* for Eat Me Do! Look forward to seeing what she does next! 



Lindwormmm said...

These pictures are so lovely <3 I love all of them.
The drawings are especially cute!

Thank you again for sharing your opinions on a lookbook <3
I wasn't aware of Eat Me Do's existence D: Glad that I'm now. Thank you! :D

Viva La DIY said...

*same* I'm all over this too!! :D

Cara said...

Linda- thank so much again for the encouragement to give honest reviews of lookbooks/ editorials that aren't my own work/something that I have a personal bias to! It's so much appreciated that you noticed and took action to give me feedback that you enjoyed that first post where I did it. ❤️

Dulce- come to LA meow!! lol 💕💕