Sunday, August 16, 2015

So I've been working on this bodysuit for the last couple days. Really excited about it. Not really for anything specific; I've just been messing around with some clothing lately because I really want to start doing some clothing design. I love doing accessories, but I want to start trying (please note that it's underlined in bold) to transition into doing some clothing stuff. I've done a couple things, but they've been meh. I'm stoked with the bodysuit and feel it's the most ME of everything I've attempted to design and produce, lately because it combines collaging, 80s/90s/00/modern toys and crafting/design! The whole idea of that is awesome to and makes me feel like the bodysuit is share worthy and that you guys will hopefully dig it. To be honest my best friend helped a ton with the sewing and production part of (what used to be a denim dress into)the bodysuit. She's awesome, when I met her she used to make her own clothes (like these enormous *for lack of a better comparison* lolita dresses haha, that was a decade ago now she only wears labels LOL!) I'm off topic..'s not fully done yet, but it's almost there. I may do a post when it's done (but probably only if I do some semi-drastic changes to it.)  

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Viva La DIY said...

Can't wait to see it all finished!!

♡ Dulce