Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I HEART the latest WhitePepper Lookbook!

Really loving The WhitePepper's vintage inspired/ super ultra girly / bff vibe in their new "With a cherry on top" lookbook. As a stylist, I automatically start getting stressed out by the thought of more than 1 model (..other stylist's reading this like thinking I'm a but putting that aside and basing things only on aesthetics, I love lookbooks and editorials where two or more models play off each other. To be honest, these two models don't have the best chemistry,but as a whole these images and the lookbook are just so beautifully done, I'm sitting here like saying to myself.. "Pshhh who even fucking cares that they don't seem to actually know each other; the pictures look dope and literally everything else is on point."


Lindwormmm said...

Sweet pictures! Especially the picnic ones :)

It was so interesting to read professional's thoughts about these pictures!
I would love to read a post like this one in the future too <3

Cara said...

Thanks Linda! Yeah, I thought about it and I think giving genuine reviews/critique of the lookbooks and editorials I share (the ones that aren't my own work, cause obviously I have a bias to the projects I've been involved in.) would be more interesting for you guys to read. And to be honest a lot more interesting for me to write about.. Thanks for your feedback babe, always enjoy your comments❤️

Annika said...

I am obsessed with White Pepper's stuff! Those dresses look like the stuff of dreams :)


Cília CC said...

I like the aesthethics, and that pink dress!!

Cara said...

Annika and Cilia- I love them too. My favorite thing about White Pepper is how they consistently achieve (the extremely difficult) task of perfectly balancing minimalism without compromising the fun/youthful/funky/aesthetic. The looks are always so clean but never ever boring.