Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I HEART the latest WhitePepper Lookbook!

Really loving The WhitePepper's vintage inspired/ super ultra girly / bff vibe in their new "With a cherry on top" lookbook. As a stylist, I automatically start getting stressed out by the thought of more than 1 model (..other stylist's reading this like thinking I'm a but putting that aside and basing things only on aesthetics, I love lookbooks and editorials where two or more models play off each other. To be honest, these two models don't have the best chemistry,but as a whole these images and the lookbook are just so beautifully done, I'm sitting here like saying to myself.. "Pshhh who even fucking cares that they don't seem to actually know each other; the pictures look dope and literally everything else is on point."

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

#OOTD: Wonder Woman

..Brought to you by the people (person) who gave you "What's up with no one ever smiling in mirror selfies??" We (I) bring you an #ootd with something a little extra, something you wont find elsewhere...I give you,
 Wonder Woman: "Why don't people ever EAT in mirror selfies?" 

Overall Dress: Forever 21
Wonder Woman Tee: Thrifted/DIY/UPCYCLED 
Pizza Socks: 5BELOW
Choker: ?/Gift/Vintage 
(Sorry guys, wish I had more info about the choker *frowny face*)
Rainbow Platforms: Jeffrey Campbell 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Sunday, August 16, 2015

So I've been working on this bodysuit for the last couple days. Really excited about it. Not really for anything specific; I've just been messing around with some clothing lately because I really want to start doing some clothing design. I love doing accessories, but I want to start trying (please note that it's underlined in bold) to transition into doing some clothing stuff. I've done a couple things, but they've been meh. I'm stoked with the bodysuit and feel it's the most ME of everything I've attempted to design and produce, lately because it combines collaging, 80s/90s/00/modern toys and crafting/design! The whole idea of that is awesome to and makes me feel like the bodysuit is share worthy and that you guys will hopefully dig it. To be honest my best friend helped a ton with the sewing and production part of (what used to be a denim dress into)the bodysuit. She's awesome, when I met her she used to make her own clothes (like these enormous *for lack of a better comparison* lolita dresses haha, that was a decade ago now she only wears labels LOL!) I'm off topic..'s not fully done yet, but it's almost there. I may do a post when it's done (but probably only if I do some semi-drastic changes to it.)  

Monday, August 10, 2015

More Collages!!!!!!!

Ashlee Simpson circa 2005-ish Lisa Frank collage 
 Sarah Michelle Gellar in "I know what you did last summer" 
Knight Rider / David Hasselhoff rainbow sticker collage
(side note: this one is pretty random, doesn't really go with my usual 90s/00s theme, but I thought it would be funny. Like literally I think it's hilarious. I don't think anyone else thinks this is anywhere near as funny as I think this is; just saying.)

Styling Work: Girly 00's Slumber Party Editorial

I posted behind the scenes from this shoot a couple weeks ago, as I had said (I think in a comment) we had decided not to submit this, because Chelsea (the photographer) is pretty new and has just moved to LA and is still building her portfolio and trying things out... To be honest, Chelsea is special (It's not like my shit don't stink but at this point if I'm going to work with creatively with a photographer, ie on my own time it's not usually with super new-ish photographer, but like I said Chelsea is really really special, she has so so so so much raw talent it's almost eerie (but in a completely awesome way!) Her and I are planning some other fun stuff that I'm pretty excited about! ahhh! But yeah, I LOVED this shoot! Let me know what you think! I love when you guys comment btw! :)


 (My arm/ big head made the final edit! haha)

 Photographer Chelsea Wise
Model Remy Fox
Makeup & Hair Meagan Brown
Stylist Cara Bloom (me)

Thursday, August 06, 2015


Heyyyy! :)
So I've been super into making collages and weirdo subjective art stuff recently. I find it therapeutic and just really fun. It's cool to create something out of nothing, it gives me the feels when I have this blank space in thin air and then BAM my brain and heart created this new sparkly, vibrant, artsy thing, haha.
Childhood Candy Collage 
Close up
Hilary Duff 
(My friend Ken said I made her look like Rick James, LMFAO cause' it's true.
Based on this fuckboi that I know from a few years ago who called me recently after like 2 years and the dialog went as followed;
((ring ring))
"Hey Cara, it's Matt."
"Oh hey. Wait, Matt who?"
"Matt _________"
"Oh shit, what do you want?"
"I just wanted to see you. Do you want to come over to cuddle and watch a movie?"
"No Thanks, I'm not horny"
Spice Girls Glitter Collage
JTT 4 Everrrr
My So Called Life is one of the most brilliant shows ever, definitely one of my favorites of all time. BTW not that I'm complaining, but why the fuck does Jared Leto not age!?
Haha, nuff said. 
Urban Legends tho ;)
My dream life consists of a world where I'm a polygamist and married to Luke Perry as Dylan Mckay, Jonathan Taylor Thomas (of course, duh!) and Jason Behr who played the main character on the show Rosewell. 
This is what I said about this one when I posted it on Insta;
"There's a long story associated with this, but I'll give you the very abridged version; #youwillgetthebarbiedreamhouse is an on going joke within my immediate family that dates back to like 1987-ish. Although in present times it's become a metaphor for my dreams/wishes; all the things I want out of my life... It's an affirmation that I repeat to myself several times a day so I don't lose sight of my goals. #iwillgetthebarbiedreamhouse" 

Hope you guys are having an amazing week! I'll post some new styling work and recent DIY projects soon!