Sunday, July 26, 2015

How to get the vintage Lisa Frank items of your dreams!

Guest blogger Kasey Wright, gives us 7 key tips to getting the Vintage Lisa Frank items of our dreams!!! Ahhhh! Sooo Excited!!!
Before I hand the reins over to Kasey, check out some pics from her personal collection! 

 1. Social Media is your best friend 🌐💕 Always check the tags on Instagram, Tumblr ,Facebook, Depop  and Etsy. 
2. Be an Insomniac You think I'm kidding ? I'm not.. Sometimes biddings on eBay or on the Lisa Frank Buy Sell Trade page end at Ungodly times . Also if your up late enough on eBay or any other selling apps you might catch a really good deal . 
3 .Have amazing friends 💕 I can't how many times my friends have caught a deal for me & told me in the nick of time or bought me the item and let me pay them back later. So I'm always on the look out for their favorite characters and they are always on the look out for mine 💕 
4.WATCH YOUR ITEM LIKE A HAWK‼️ If the item you are bidding on whether it be on eBay or the Lisa Frank Buy ,Sell ,trade group is ending soon watch it hard!! People will snipe you at the last minute. Even though in the group it doesn't happen as much because we try to be fair to each other & help each other out !! 
5. Let people know your favorite Characters For example my favorites are The aliens Zoomer & Zorbit , Ballerina Bunnies ,Star (Moon girl) & Forrest (the tiger ) . And I let all my friends on the group and off the group know or people selling on Instagram and they keep an eye out for me. 
6. Be kind to your sellers 💸 Seriously , don't give them a hard time , let them Know that it's no hurries , pay immediately , if they forget to give you your tracking ,DO NOT GO OFF ON THEM ! Shit happens , politely remind them . Trust me transactions will go so much smoother & you get a good rep for being an easy going customer 💁 
7. Have fun !! Lisa Frank is after all rainbows & unicorns if you join the group you will also meet amazing girls who become amazing friends . I hope you enjoyed my tips & good luck 
💕 Xoxo Kasey 

For more awesome from Kasey check out her 
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Viva La DIY said...

The aliens are one of my favorite characters to!! Seriously, thank you for this post. It would mean the world to me to acquire as much Lisa Frank memorabilia as possible :)

♡ Dulce

Viva La DIY said...


Cara said...

Yay! Of course Dulce No worries!!!

Michelle said...

Lisa Frank is a huge part of my soul; I've been a diehard collector since early childhood, and am now 28. Going on 12. That should give you some slight idea of just how much stuff and how many designs I've got around my house by now...^w^

Not to mention the images I've accumulated in Photobucket albums, Pinterest, YouTube, etc...O_o

My favorite characters correspond to my favorite animals: dogs, especially the Poodles, and fishes. My overall two favorite designs are Gabby ("Poodle Talk") and The Skedaddle Squad (aka SCUBA-diving mice in the fishbowl. Which is actually a large marine aquarium. :D :D)

Cara said...

I love the poodle dog too michelle!!!!!! ;)

Michelle said...

:D :D It's too bad she was only featured in the one design, although her sticker sheet does have her in different poses. ^^