Thursday, June 18, 2015

New Styling Work: "Free Dress Day" Sticks and Stones Agency

This editorial was so so fun to do. We shot "Free Dress Day" at my place and sort of loosely based it on me. Vik Soos and I were actually suppose to shoot the day before with a different model and a different concept. Not to get too much into it, but there was pre-shoot drama with the  model and the makeup artist, so we ended up just bagging it. Vik had driven in from the Bay Area (northern california, which is about 6 hours away) to do that shoot (and one other shoot the next day- which ended up being "Free Dress Day") so we flip flipped things around and shot the next day. Meghan (model) was a total doll and such an amazing person. We had so so much fun doing this, the three of us really bonded and I'm so glad things ended up working out this way. The editorial came out yesterday and is being featured on

Photography by Vik Soos 
Model: Meghan Ann (w/ Freedom Models)
Styling by Cara Bloom 

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