Thursday, June 25, 2015

June 2015 DIY Creations

Pink Fluffy G1 My Little Pony Slide Sandals 
I was showing pics of my "offensive word headbands" to my dad's friend. When I showed him the "Anal" headband he said "Aw, why not Oral??" My family/families friends are so fucked up (I love it!) 
Cigarette Shoulder Bag.
This is the bag at the almost half way point(almost done! and I will post pics of it finished!) I've been keeping it outside (for scent reasons) when I'm not working on it. When it's done I will put a few coats of Mod Podge on it to *hopefully* keep my home from stinking up!
Rainbow Splatter *Paint* Ballet Flats
(I actually used nail polish to do this, not paint..but yeah.)
Fluffy Mermaid Doll Headband
Pink Holographic Sequin & Fluffy Strawberry Slide Sandals 
Which ones do you guys like better? Sincerely curious! Def leave your fav in the comments! :) 
I made this out of an old pair of light wash mom jeans. This took awhile((I hate(!!!) sewing- so I stay away from it if I can help it.)).. I worked on it off and on for a few weeks. I sewed it, studded/bejeweled it, "fluffied" it and even dyed the denim a teal-ish blue/green. It's hard to see the actual color in the pic :'(  
This is exciting for me; Fellow stylist Michael Kozak emailed me a few weeks ago requesting to *pull some of my headbands and accessories for an editorial he was styling for photographer Jamie Nelson. (above is a pic of some of the headbands I sent him) Don't know which mag the editorial will be in yet, but both Michael and Jamie have very impressive portfolios and have work in a lot of well known international magazines. Very very excited about this.

(*pulling is basically like designers letting a stylist borrow some of their pieces for an editorial shoot. In exchange for letting them pull they get exposure/credit from whichever magazine the editorial gets published in.)
This is just a little pic of my work area that I took a few weeks ago, haha.

Hope you guys are having an amazzzzing week! Friday tomorrow! woooot. 
Be safe! xx


Viva La DIY said...

I love how your space is all covered in glitter! Your fluffy marabou creations are so lovely. Yeah, I'd definitely recommend letting your cig bag air our till most of the smell dissipates then spraying it with an acrylic sealer.

♡ Dulce

Cara said...

Oh wow! Thank you Dulce! ..I wasn't sure what would take away the smell, thanks so so much for the tips babe xx