Sunday, May 31, 2015


I had this very amazing conversation with an old friend. I met her a little over a decade ago at a local community college where we both were doing theater. She's always been someone I've been extremely inspired by (both as an artist and a person.) I don't want to divulge too much of what we talked about or get into specifics (out of respect) but below is a little snip it of something she said..

"We are in a constant state of transformation. We just have to make sure we push our metamorphosis in a positive direction. Change is inevitable. Evolution means health, strength and survival. But we have to do more than that. Survival ain't enough. We gotta shine. And we're doing it. You're doing it. Bit by bit, one day at a time, one vision at a time. We're molding our world into a reflection of our ideals. Sometimes it's more Picasso than Da Vinci, but everyone needs to stand on their head every now and again for circulation at least."

Pink Sweater  & Rainbow Socks by So So Happy 
Pink Pom Pom Earrings by DevinShaysTreasures on ETSY
Photos shot by Ken Davie
Editing by me


Viva La DIY said...

Such an inspirational quote! Thanks for posting, just what I needed to read today.

♡ Dulce

Cara said...

So glad you liked it! :)