Monday, May 25, 2015

Imperfections are sexy (always and always)

Lets be real, humans by nature are flawed. I am, you are, everyone is...
The pictures in this post were taken a couple days ago by one of my best friends (who also happens to be an amazing photographer and someone I have worked with quite a few times for styling) We took them for fun and neither of us(especially me) had any intention of making these public or ever (everrrr) letting them see the light of day. But last night (on a ballsy whim) I posted the pic below on Instagram saying:

"My birthmark used to really bother me.. When I was a teenager my parents actually took me to a doc to talk about getting it lasered off/plastic surgery to make less visible... I had the consultation and the doctors exact words were "..I mean sure we could do this but I just want to tell you that I've had several patients who have the same kind of birth mark on their face..." ..needless to say that put everything in perspective for me. Even if this was on my face I now understand that Imperfections are sexy as fuck and I intend to rock mine forever and everrr."
This isn't something that I would normally share on my blog(or actually any of my social media- at least not of myself, haha..) But shining brightly through the thick foggy layer of fuck boy responses was a lot of amazing feedback from people who also have birthmarks/ birth defects (and even just people who don't feel so awesome about their personal appearance in general). And yeah, to be completely honest before I posted it I was very nervous that my intentions would be misinterpreted, but the volume of positivity it created far exceeded my expectations. Not a lie, it was really exciting that it generated more likes than any other of my 3,022 posts on Instagram that I've made since I joined a few years back, but more than anything I was really happy that people were able to identify with what I said and truly understood my reasoning for posting a picture of my bare ass. 
 Yes, we all have "flaws" but it's because of(not in spite of) our unique imperfections that make us beautiful. It's a beautiful thing when we own 100% of who we are. After years of ridicule from my peers, being scared to wear a bathing suit because I didn't want to be made fun or have to answer questions / calm people down when they would jump to the conclusion that they're bruises or some form of scar from abuse.. Eventually I came to a place with me where I said(and truly believe(d) "I love my birthmark because it's part of me. No shame, no apologies; this is me. If you have *ish* with it or anything about me, no worries and no hard feelings but kick rocks. Ain't nobody got time to listen to someone else's opinion about what's beautiful or not beautiful about ME."


Lindwormmm said...

I'm excited to look at these pictures over and over again. Love them so much!
+ reading the text makes me feel so happy that I'm following this particular blog.
You are such a beautiful person <3 <3 <3 you rock!

Cara said...

Aw Linda!!!! Thank you soooo much!!!!!!!

Viva La DIY said...

Cara, you are profoundly self empowering and such an inspiration!

♡ Dulce

Cara said...

AWWWW Dulce, thank so much babe!!! :)