Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Acute Love

I'm lucky, I've never truly fought over a guy with one of my friends. Sure, in middle school/high school you're bound to like the same guy as (at least) one of your friends. But as an adult, it's never been a problem. 
I've been best friends with my friend Sheena for a decade and honestly, we've never liked the same guy! When we have girls nights and go to bars and such we have code words for everything; when we need an "out" of a conversation with an undesirable, when were digging someone, when we want to bail (but don't want to be rude), when we need a tampon..the list goes on..but one thing we have never needed a code word for is calling dibs. We don't need one, because we have completely opposite types. We don't have much of a rivalry, because we don't compare ourselves to each other. Because honestly, we're too different to compare..Sheena and I talked about this recently; in situations where a guy I'm digging shows interest in her (or vise verse) we just sorta automatically become disinterested in them. Mainly because after years of us both battling with our self esteem, we realize we don't want anyone who doesn't want us and/or anyone who bounces between us because they aren't sure who to hit on..we always laugh about that, because it happens a lot. 
Even though I've never personally dealt with it, I've seen several of my other gfs fight over guys. It gets messy. It usually ended their friendship. And if it didn't, things were never the same. Most of those friends that were in that situation are married now..and you know how many of them ended up with the guy they fought over- ZERO. 3 out of 4 of those situations the guy ended up cheating on the friend who "won."
I don't believe in ONE ULTIMATE SOUL MATE forever and ever and ever. Not even a little. It's 2015- I think it's time to embrace the notion of having several loves of our life. There are plenty of dudes out there, so stay in your lane. Don't get tangled in a soup opera mellow drama love triangle and do not romanticize it, because honestly (regardless of what the guy tells you) it's NOT about emotions or love or feelings for him, it's about his dick. #realtalk 

Famous Love Triangles:



Humphrey Bogart/Audrey Hepburn/William Holden 

(Dawson's Creek)

Julia Roberts/Cameron Diaz/Dermot Mulroney
(My Best Friends Wedding)

 RenĂ©e Zellweger/Hugh Grant/Colin Firth
(Bridget Jones's Diary)

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