Wednesday, April 29, 2015

1 Selfie - 7 Different Artistic Edits

Lets be honest, most people don't want to see selfies in their feed on any social media platform. Of  course there are exceptions; celebrities, people who are "internet famous" etc..) But for the most part I think most us cringe (or roll our eyes) a little when we see that girl who was our third best friend in 6th grade has posted yet another selfie. Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating or saying that I don't post selfies, but come on, I think if we reached deep down into our heart of hearts we could all admit that we feel pretty indifferent when someone we know posts a selfie. 
Tonight, yes...I took some selfies. There was one that I really dug. But all the realities of what I mentioned in the above paragraph kind of sunk down to my belly.  I've posted more selfies then usually for the last couple months and I felt weird about posting yet another one..So I was bummed because I really really liked this selfie dammit! The wheels in my head began to turn a little; "Hmm..what if it wasn't just regular boring selfie?? What if you made it ART??" I began to mess around with some editing apps on my phone and made 7 different artistic versions of the same selfie. I obviously didn't plan on posting all of them, but I kept getting inspired and finding new ways to reinvent the same picture. It was around the 4th edit that I decided to make a blog post about this.. 1. because I didn't want to spam any feeds and 2. because I thought (possibly?) some of you might like them.  
This was the original selfie 

And here are the 7 edits:

The apps I used to make these are called "Camera 360" and "PicsArt"


Colleen said...

These edits are great! And who cares what people think? Post all the selfies you want. You're gorgeous!


Viva La DIY said...

Beautiful ;)
♡ Dulce

Cara said...

Colleen- thanks babe! <3!!!

Dulce- <333333!! I followed you on insta, I was stoked to see you had found me! You're gorgeous btw!xx