Monday, March 02, 2015

Turning The Past (and difficult memories) Into Art

It all started with my ex-boyfriends guitar. He was my first "real" boyfriend and when we broke up he fell off the planet, like literally the last time I saw him or spoke to him was the day we broke up. I had so much of stuff at my apartment that he never bothered to pick up for yearssss. Throughout time the amount of stuff dwindled; I was getting rid of it in some capacity,piece by piece as time went by. A few months ago I looked around my place there were no traces of him except his stupid out of tune broken guitar that I've never managed (or had the heart to) get rid of. The guitar was taunting me.. the past was taunting me. I know myself, I wasn't going to throw it away or even give it away. And as long as HIS guitar was in my apartment, in my possession, in my abode, (regardless that I seldom think about him or the situation least consciously.) on some level, I would be doomed to be a slave to the memory of my past with him. This realization sucked. And didn't really leave me with a ton of options...I thought about it...made a frozen pizza...went on Instagram...thought about it some more...then it hit me!!! This isn't HIS guitar anymore, it's mine. And since it's not going anywhere, I'm going to make this thing a little more ME..

Another example is I used same concept of "making art from the past/painful memories" and did it with my Kindergarten class photo

Keep in mind that when I say "art" I realize this stuff isn't Monet or da Vinci status and isn't
 difficult to execute but it's not really about being "good" or "shitty" or anything except like a soul cleansing process or whatever it means to you. Art is subjective but doing this isn't even about the aesthetic it's about the process. Remember the "boyfriend bonfire" episode on FRIENDS? It's kind of like that..

All our lives we hear things like "The past is the past" "You can't go back in time" "What's done is done" "it is what it is" - it makes us feel powerless. And yeah even though you can't go back and change things, you always have the power to change your perception of it.


Chloe Weitman said...

I love this.

Cara said...

Thanks Chloe! :)

Emily said...

I like how you reclaimed the guitar and made it your own! It's cool how crafts can release energy and change the feel of something emotionally :)

Cara said...

Thanks Emily! I feel art heals in so many capacities. Thanks for your support <3