Tuesday, March 31, 2015

This Weeks DIY Happenings

I've been super super busy with styling related stuff for the last couple weeks, so there aren't a ton of new DIYs this time, but I promise there will be more soon! xx

 Rainbow Bedazzled / Bejeweled Litas 

 Duckface Headband 

"You don't have to be gay to love rainbows" Vegan Leather Jacket 

Floral Furby Headband

I always forget to say this, but a lot of the stuff I make is for sale. If I happen not to be selling the specific item(s)you want then I am always more than willing to re-create them (like a "made to order" type of thing.) I've lagged on re-opening my ETSY shop and I probably will continue to lag for another month or so, but if you're interested in anything you see (in any post;past/present/future)
 email me:


Viva La DIY said...

Oh my, those shoes are amazing!!
♡ Dulce

Cara said...

Thanks Dulce!!! xx