Sunday, March 15, 2015


So myself, Bobby Prom and Shawnee Badger are in the process of submitting the editorial we shot. I told you guys about this editorial around a month ago-ish (click here to see that post.) Bobby and I went through ALLLL the photos(digital,film,Instax, Polaroids) there were easily almost 200 photos. which is actually like nothing compared to most of the other editorials I've worked on, sometimes there can be 600-1000 photos to go through, it honestly depends on the photographer and how many looks there are, but I would say most of the time the average amount for an editorial is 300-400 photos.  Anyhow so we had 200 pics to go through and we narrowed those down to 8. This of course left a lot of extra stuff that would usually just get deleted or put in the far off land of the far off world of a black hole abyss in a hard drive never to be seen again. But I thought NO! not this time, lets make some ART!

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