Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Jeremy Scott is easily one of my favorite designers. His collections always have so much vibrancy and color! I love how he consistently mixes prints and fabrics all over the map. This particular collection seems to have a pretty consistent 70s influence as well as some splashes of 90s. Overall I really really like it. He always captures so much youth in his pieces that's probably my favorite thing about him. 


Adele said...

I love this collection and the colourful nature of Jeremy Scott's collections but sometimes it feels like his borrowing of other influences compromises the originality of his designs

Cara said...

Hi Adele,
What you said is extremely relevant. And there are always two part of me battling when it comes to Jeremy Scott. The same reasons that I love him are the same reasons I dislike him (if that makes any sense?) Basically I love all the color and all of the off the wall influences, but at the same time I'm thinking yeah I love it now because he's very NOW, but I feel like there's going to come a time when people are kinda over the influences and all his shticks.. (and even though I see it a little in this collection) the fact remains he hasn't shown a ton of artistic evolution through the years (ie same day, new shtick). I don't think he'll stand the test of time because (as much as it pains me to admit) if we were to strip away all those influences and shticks there wouldn't be much else left that would be considered distinctly Jeremy Scott.