Tuesday, February 03, 2015

FAQ: Where Can I Get A lot of Lisa Frank Stickers Really Cheap?

Yes, you can buy them at most Dollar stores currently, which works (if they aren't sold out already when you get there) or if you only want them in small quantity. BUT if you want to buy a ton of Lisa Frank stickers at an affordable (dirt cheap) price, I have the answer... 

The answer is definitely NOT Ebay or Etsy btw.. I wouldn't advise buying Lisa Frank stickers on Ebay or Etsy, unless they are vintage. An honest good seller would specify vintage or not in their listing. But if they don't and you aren't sure, an easy way to tell if they aren't vintage is if they come in one of those 300/400/500 packets. Those aren't vintage, so don't get ripped off. The answer to the question of buying a mass quantity of (non vintage) Lisa Frank stickers for really cheap is to go to the Dollar Tree's website (click on Toys and Crafts then click on Stickers) and order them there. The catch of course is you have to buy at least one case (which is 24 packs for $24) but if you need Lisa Frank stickers in Bulk, the Dollar Tree Website is your best bet for an inexpensive price.


Viva La DIY said...

Usually I find 500 sticker packets at Five Below for a dollar each but, there are never enough to buy in bulk on a single visit. Thanks for the tip!
♡ Dulce

Cara said...

Not a worry, babe! I'm glad you found it helpful! <3