Thursday, February 26, 2015


I used to have a button nose when I was little. Through the years it got a lot bigger. Then puberty hit and next thing I knew, I had a “hook”. Being the only Jewish girl in school most of my life in addition to having a lot of the features that others associate( bull shit stereotype) that “All Jews just have” made school miserable a lot. The teasing got so bad that when I turned 16 my dad offered to get me a nose job. I know some people are assuming that’s no big deal because “Jews are rich” but my parents actually were sorta struggling during that time with money. I ended up being too scared to get the surgery once I realized what it entailed..I guess maybe it was turning down the nose job that made the reality sink in;”like it or not this is your nose. No surgery no changie, so it’s best your accept your face” ..Not going to lie, I didn’t. At least not right away. It took well into my 20s to accept my nose and not feel bothered or ashamed of it anymore.  And I know some of you wont believe me, but I now actually really love my nose.. I love my big nose! I said it..I love my nose because it’s me. 

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