Sunday, February 22, 2015

Behind The Scenes &Sneak Previews Of My Recent Work

About a week ago I styled a shoot for photographer Bobby Prom and model Shawnee Badger. Originally we planned on just having fun and hanging out and (maybe) shooting a little. There was no plans to submit to mags or even turn the shoot into an editorial but the whole thing turned out way better than we ever thought...sooo here is a preview and behind the scenes(#BTS) of the editorial we shot (and are currently submitting)


Megan Simonson said...

Oo that looks exciting! Can't wait. :) Also looks similar to a shoot I'll be doing soon. Mood board:

The first pin with the girl in the sparkly gemstone outfit is the model and clothes we're using!

Cara said...

Very cool Megan! :)