Tuesday, January 13, 2015

NEW PROJECT: Mental illness zine

Coming Soon!

Submissions wanted!!! Art, Poetry, Short Stories, Photography, ANYTHING! Get as creative as you want!! (just keep in mind that the theme is Mental Illness/ Mental Health)



Contagious Pixie said...

This sounds like an excellent idea! I love Rookie mag and I myself try to advocate for mental illness. But I wouldn't know what to submit... I have done one photograph before I guess I could send but other than that.... I am very much interested though!

Cara said...

Thanks so much for your support babe! Anything you want to submit would be awesome, you can get as creative and weird as you want! the weirder and unique(er) the better! <3

Renee Ruin said...

Interested in hearing more about this idea!!

Cara said...

Renee you can email me if you want babe :) Cara@mesosavvy.com

Contagious Pixie said...

I actually already emailed you something. It should be from painted_in_flames@yahoo.ca

If you don't see anything, check your spam. My emails tend to end up there a lot. I am also able to create stuff for it if you like what I sent you so far. It's just a photograph I took last year.

Viva La DIY said...

I love zines and this is an excellent concept! If I come up with something to share, I'll email you. Have you set a deadline yet?

Also are you familiar with Doll Hospital Journal?
Here's a link: http://dollhospitaljournal.tumblr.com
They're similar to Rookie, but a journal for mental health.

♡ Dulce