Friday, January 30, 2015

OUTFIT: Furry Disco Dance Party

My friend Al took these pics, he was playing Lady Gaga and I provoked me dance. 
(I swear, he provoked me!!)

Purple Furry Sweater Justice 
Silver Skirt Forever 21 
Black tights Forever 21
Black PomPom Earrings IMadeThisTheLabel (on ETSY)
Floral Combat Boots Go Jane
Watermelon Bag Romwe

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Lovecraft is an editorial I styled a couple years ago featuring Leila Goldkuhl(with NEXT, Los Angeles)  from America's Next Top Model (cycle 19) and was shot by Emily Soto. It was published in Coco Indie Magazine and was featured on

Photographer Emily Soto 
Model Leila Goldkuhl 
Makeup/Hair Kalie Johnston 
Stylist Cara Bloom

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

MORE Recent Instagram Posts

Here are some of my recent Instagram posts:

 Upcycled by Beavis and Butthead Lunchbox with pompoms and stickers 

One of the advantages to being an adult is being able to put Lisa Frank stickers on your debit card

 Dinner time!

 Leopard print jeans and watermelon shirt 

 Some girly glitter crafting chaos 

Craft bag with stickers 

Van Gogh quote artsy thing that I made for my fridge :)

If you want to come hang out with me on Instagram my username is 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Current Obsession: The artwork and personal style of Lizzie Astrosludge

Lizzie Astrosludge is a college student from Chicago, Illinois. She's soften spoken and comes off as a little shy, but this girl tells you exactly who she is through her style and her artwork. Simply put; Lizzie IS rainbow. She expresses who she is non-verbally. You look at her and you think; "Wowwww. How cool is this!? I know exactly what's happening in her head just by looking at her! this is so neat.." 
To me, at 30 years old, I see and interact with someone like Lizzie and know that these are the types of people that will change the world.

You can find Lizzie at any of the following :)


I'm obsessed right now with Thailand based designer Panida Onsri of DIY BY PANIDA! Have a look at some of her cool stuff! 

Check out more at WWW.DIYBYPANIDA.COM
Also on Facebook and Instagram

Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday The Twenty-Third Of January Twenty Fifteen

Mellow day, just crafting and shit. Feeling good :)

Work space 

Pink Flamingo Headband 

Glittery Candy Lip Gloss

Work space Part II

Rainbow Glitter 

Furby Headband