Tuesday, December 02, 2014

EAT.ME.DO - It was (fashion) love at first sight

From the first moment I found EAT.ME.DO (by the very amazing Lara Ivachev, hailing from Melbourne Australia) a couple months ago via Instagram I knew I had just stumbled upon something amazing. Girly, Kawaii, Feminine, Fun, Sassy, Classy are some words that spring to mind to describe the EAT.ME.DO style. What I personally think sets Lara's designs apart from other designers who appear to have a similar vibe is, the way she is able to peek the interested of our free spirited, fun, girly inner child without compromising class or going too over the top. Her balance between the two is impeccable and not at all an easy feat. Can't wait to see what else unfolds for Lara and EAT.ME.DO, but my intuition tells me it's all uphill from here. 


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