Monday, December 29, 2014

-WASTELAND- (Material Girl Magazine) by Emily Soto

As far as my styling goes, I think (if I really even am at all, haha) I'm most known for the work I've done with Emily Soto(Photographer). Emily(speaking in terms of just herself, as a person) is definitely one of my favorite photographers to collaborate with and just overall one of the nicest and most humble people I have come across since I've been styling. Emily and I got connected (officially) through Linkedin(Though she know resides in New York City) Emily started shooting fashion 5 (possibly 6 now) years ago in San Diego(California). I live about 2 hours north in Orange County and even though it's no secret that Emily's work almost immediately(and continues to) generate this contagious and electric level of excitement among the public, the fashion/editorial community in Southern California is a tight knit small small (smallllll) world.  That being said, I knew of Emily's work (and shared mutant contacts) with her for probably a little over a year before we ever communicated on Linkedin. And regardless of the reality that professionally Networking is the whole purpose of Linkedin, it isn't exactly known (in the Fashion community)  as a key/common networking tool(I think most fashion peeps would agree that Instagram and Facebook are more of the key social media platforms to network) So when people ask how I met/came to work with Emily and I say "Linkedin" it usually gets a little chuckle.

Below is the most recent editorial Emily and I have worked on together. It was featured in Material Girl Magazine last summer and is probably one of my personal favorites of the recent work I have done as a stylist in general. (Okay I'll shut up about how much and the countless reasons I love Emily right after this last thing..) I designed and produced the floral headpiece worn by the model in the second look (4th and 5th picture) Which was a last minute addition to that look. I had made it a few weeks before (not knowing or anticipating it's exact purpose) but had brought it along that day with the rest of the wardrobe. I took it out (and believe me when I say that the way I had constructed it/it's size would have made any other photographer feel frightened and make themselves question my sanity as a human and overall judgement as stylist.) But Emily didn't flinch, she agreed to try it and see it and she made it work. <3 p="">

Photography by Emily Soto
Model Shawnee Badger
Makeup & Hair Tammy Yi
Dress by Michelle Hebert
Flower Crown by Flower Gypsies 
Stylist Cara Bloom

Tuesday, December 02, 2014


Here's the back story to this post:
Me being myself, naturally I search Lisa Frank #hashtags on Instagram and Tumblr every few weeks. 95% of the time the search results are nothing special, snapshots of Lisa Frank displays at 5 below or The Dollar Tree taken by people who are shocked it's back after so many years, vintage stickers, selfies of girls wearing  LF t-shirts they bought a few years ago at Urban Outfitters, an unnecessary abundance of (probably)adults displaying their genius level artistic ability from the Lisa Frank coloring book. In any case regardless of rarely finding anything unique, I still always check because every so often I strike (rainbow/unicorn) GOLD. 
(The back story is now over. I'll keep the rest of this as brief as possible seeing as most people wont read any of this and just scrolled right to the pictures)
Several months I did my biweekly #LisaFrank search on Instagram and struck the ultimate upon ultimate unique awesomely creative epic thing I have ever found: 

Found on this Instagram account:
I  probably would have blogged about this back then, if I had a blog in those days. Today all of a sudden it dawned on me to blog about it. Okay so, I more than understand that the professional/traditional/responsible/non-impulsive/mature thing would have been to email this woman to find out more info/request an interview, but I suck at life sometimes and got impatient because I was really really really really excited to blog about this. So yeah please bear in mind any details about the dog or the account(s) these pictures came from aren't based on anything besides what I assume to be the case after 10 minutes of creeping her Instagram. However I DO know (based on replies to comments and specifically indicated in her account description) that ALL dyes being used on the dogs are all natural, vegan and safe. 
She uses the hashtag #colormypup in several of the posts, so I clicked on the tag to see what else came up and noticed this account@Color_my_pup (which I assume is her second account) I don't know for sure but I'm assuming she does all the dying/styling/awesomeness/creativity on the dogs herself. Here are some more examples of her doggie dye rad originality skills found on her Instagram:

EAT.ME.DO - It was (fashion) love at first sight

From the first moment I found EAT.ME.DO (by the very amazing Lara Ivachev, hailing from Melbourne Australia) a couple months ago via Instagram I knew I had just stumbled upon something amazing. Girly, Kawaii, Feminine, Fun, Sassy, Classy are some words that spring to mind to describe the EAT.ME.DO style. What I personally think sets Lara's designs apart from other designers who appear to have a similar vibe is, the way she is able to peek the interested of our free spirited, fun, girly inner child without compromising class or going too over the top. Her balance between the two is impeccable and not at all an easy feat. Can't wait to see what else unfolds for Lara and EAT.ME.DO, but my intuition tells me it's all uphill from here.