Monday, November 10, 2014

Stuff I've made recently

I love to DIY, I'm always making things. Sometimes for my Etsy Shop (The Unicorn Emporium) but most of the time just for fun and to amuse myself (and yes. I do laugh at my own jokes...a lot.)
Here are a few things I've made recently:

Heart and Butterfly Jewel Hair Clips

BABE Headband

90s Inspired Button and Patch Denim Vest

Bejeweled My Little Pony Rainbow Crown
(This was taken while I was making it, I'll try and remember to post a pic of the finished version soon!)

ANAL Headband

Sticker Jacket 
(For obvious reasons I didn't make this for my ETSY shop or to sell, I made it to wear out with my gfs one night)

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