Thursday, November 20, 2014

Outfit: November 18th 2014 (bitch!)

Perhaps using "bitch" in the title was unnecessary, but I felt like adding it and this is MY blog so I did...yeah. Anyhow this was my outfit today,

Unicorn Tee: Romwe
Furry Black Cardigan: Forever21
Rainbow Skirt: Thrift/Vintage (bought it at Buffalo Exchange yearrrsss ago)
Transparent/Clear/See Through Mini Backpack: Gizmo2choco on ETSY
Pink Combat Boots: GoJane (I added the stickers myself; I figure most of you are like "well duh, of course you did" but like I stated earlier this is MY blog dammit so I will the obvious as much as I want!)
Mermaid/Seashell Necklace: The Dollar Tree (I know, right!? I was pretty stoked when I found it)

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