Monday, November 03, 2014

Angie Weaver of Hipbones and Heartbreak

Angie Weaver (hailing from Melbourne, Australia) isn't just another fab fashionista(do people still say that? in any case...) style blogger, she happens to be a genuine kind spirit who isn't afraid to reach out. I know this because Angie was the very first of the Tumblr fashion blogger elite to reach out to me. I had joined Tumblr about a year before and soon learned that being a new kid on the block among the already established "cool kids" could be quite intimidating. There I was 28 years old, 10 years since graduating high school, living in my own apartment, working as a semi-established fashion stylist in Los Angeles yet feeling a little that 80lbs(yes, I was VERY small for my age), insecure 14 year old the first day of Freshman year whenever I would log onto Tumblr and notice that everyone seemed to know each other. Maybe it was the insight of being older (not 14) and realizing that "being popular on Tumblr is like sitting at the cool table in a mental hospital" (the ecard I stole that quote from actually said Facebook but, I'm sure you get it...) that it's much easier to mob ahead regardless of being a little disheartened when you can hide behind a computer screen I seemed to fall into a happy groove, find a "blog style" that I loved and just do my own thing regardless of who noticed. I found Angie's Tumblr ( at some point during the first year I was on Tumblr (btw: my Tumblr url is: - just case anyone was wondering, wink wink) anywho, I found Angie's Tumblr, loved it, followed her, she followed me back, which eventually led to following each other on Instagram (Angie's Instagram is @Hipbonesandheartbreak) Which led to me discovering her amazing fashion blog: ( With all this mutual following, reblogging and girl crushing you would think I would just be like "hey, love your style, love your blogs- keep doing what you're doing!" or anything to acknowledge that I loved her style and that it meant a lot to me that she wasn't being at all snooty or unwelcoming but for whatever reason (maybe something to do with that 80lbs unsure 14 year old still being inside a small part of me) I didn't say anything. So it's a good thing Angie did, she messaged me on Tumblr one day saying hi and introducing herself. Really glad she did, she's since become one of favorite friends on Facebook and a permanent reminder of how powerful the kindness of strangers can be.  

(Below are some snaps of Angie's personal style via her Blogspot)


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