Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Random Things My Brain Generates

 Chances are if you were born after 1995ish you don't remember the glory that was Contempo Casuals. Which I say (slightly) sarcastically because Contempo and Wet Seal were identical. Which I'm sure Wet Seal (who owned Contempo) finally accepted because in the late 90s Contempo closed for good leaving only Wet Seal to brave the pre-teen fashion journey from then on.  

This DIY "As Punk As Ur Mom" pink bag was inspired by my Best Friend's AOL screen name. She's still my best friend btw. She's clearly genius (which I'm sure you all realize now) So I've kept her. 

This has no explanation/ back story, nor does it need one.

This "Sexual Chocolate" crop tank was inspired by one of my favorite movies; Coming to America

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