Thursday, April 17, 2014

Connie McDonald Photography

One of coolest and most surreal things that can happen to you when you work in the fashion industry is finding out that a person who's work you completely adore and would kill to work with, feels the same way about you.
I discovered Connie Mcdonald's photography on Tumblr one day while browsing random topics and completely lost my shit (that's a good thing by the way!) I instantly fell in love with her work and reblogged a bunch of her photos. Later that evening Connie wrote me an amazingly flattering message about my work/style and thanked me for reblogging her photos. I was floored! I couldn't believe she had written me! Connie and I since have become frequent chat buddies on Facebook and the more I talk to her the more I realize why her work is so unique and incredible.
Connie (based in Wellington, New Zealand!) is 20 years old but clearly has a spirit and outlook on life that is far beyond her years. One of my favorite things about Connie's work is how she is able to convey genuine emotion and positive energy through her photos. Another incredibly cool thing about Connie is she only shoots models that she feels a personal connection to! Considering the high caliber of her work (combined with the fact that I live in LA, the capitol of soulless impersonal my opinion) I almost couldn't believe it! I'll end this post with some samples of her work (below) and the personal guarantee that Connie's genuine and raw approach to fashion and editorial photography will no doubt take her to the top and beyond.
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