Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Everyone and anyone who knows me, knows for dayyyyum certain that I love me some Lisa Frank!
Here are some of my personal favorite Lisa Frank moments over the last couple years....

Funny story about this pic: I knew the Dollar Store sold Lisa Frank Stickers but every time I went they were sold out. So my friend Nick decided to take matters into his own hands by telling a very very white fib to the store manager about my niece (I don't have a niece btw) who was "Suffering from a terminal illness and loved Lisa Frank." Minutes later (as I was beating the crap out of Nick with a decorative holiday wind chime for lying ) the manager emerged from the backroom with this BRICK of Lisa Frank stickers. I apologized to Nick immediately (mainly because I only had 10 bucks on me and there were at least 40 bucks worth of sticker books in the BRICK)
There really isn't a cool story that makes me look like a terrible human being with this pic, it's just the light switch in my bedroom.
Ah, the Lisa Frank sticker shoes that I made, good times.
The Lisa Frank editorial I styled (published in C-heads Mag December 2013) 
Photo Credits:
Photographed by Jared Kocka 
Model: Terra Jo (Vision LA)
MUA: Daniele Piersons 
Hair: Jonathan Mason 
Stylist: Cara Bloom 
Artwork by Amber Day
Self explanatory 
Clutch bag I DIY-ed :)
Earrings I DIY-ed 
My laptop (notice the Barbie leggings and Coolio on youtube; 90s bitch)
My pink combat boots have never been happier ;)
This was a huge project, took me two days of pretty much non stop sticker mania.

We have reached our finale, my Lisa Frank toilet!!



Marisa said...

this is amazing, i think you are great

Cara said...

Thank you so much! <3