Monday, March 31, 2014

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Everyone and anyone who knows me, knows for dayyyyum certain that I love me some Lisa Frank!
Here are some of my personal favorite Lisa Frank moments over the last couple years....

Funny story about this pic: I knew the Dollar Store sold Lisa Frank Stickers but every time I went they were sold out. So my friend Nick decided to take matters into his own hands by telling a very very white fib to the store manager about my niece (I don't have a niece btw) who was "Suffering from a terminal illness and loved Lisa Frank." Minutes later (as I was beating the crap out of Nick with a decorative holiday wind chime for lying ) the manager emerged from the backroom with this BRICK of Lisa Frank stickers. I apologized to Nick immediately (mainly because I only had 10 bucks on me and there were at least 40 bucks worth of sticker books in the BRICK)
There really isn't a cool story that makes me look like a terrible human being with this pic, it's just the light switch in my bedroom.
Ah, the Lisa Frank sticker shoes that I made, good times.
The Lisa Frank editorial I styled (published in C-heads Mag December 2013) 
Photo Credits:
Photographed by Jared Kocka 
Model: Terra Jo (Vision LA)
MUA: Daniele Piersons 
Hair: Jonathan Mason 
Stylist: Cara Bloom 
Artwork by Amber Day
Self explanatory 
Clutch bag I DIY-ed :)
Earrings I DIY-ed 
My laptop (notice the Barbie leggings and Coolio on youtube; 90s bitch)
My pink combat boots have never been happier ;)
This was a huge project, took me two days of pretty much non stop sticker mania.

We have reached our finale, my Lisa Frank toilet!!


Saturday, March 08, 2014


First Post, wow! Where to begin? I'll give you the abridged version...

(Halloween 1987, in what is suppose to be a Lisa Frank Costume but looks more like Michael Myers)

(me in present day, yes I'm a Jewish Princess and damn proud)

When I was a kid I wanted to be the Jewish Toni Braxton when I grew up which I'm still counting on (*when I grow up) but in the mean time I'm a stylist (fashion/wardrobe) here in LA. Below are a couple examples of my work :)
 Photographed by Viktorija Pashuta
Model: Asia Lee Henry (No Ties, San Diego)
MUA: Jeff Jones 
Hair: Traci Garrett
Stylist: Cara Bloom (me) 
Head Piece Designer: Rachel Sigmon
Dress Designer: Elena Perseil
Photographed by Emily Soto 
Model: Leila Goldkuhl (NEXT, LA)
Makeup/Hair by Kalie Johnston 
Stylist: Cara Bloom (me)
Behind the scenes shot  (Maya from NO TIES and myself)
(This is my Mom, she's my best friend and I slightly resent her for being hotter than me...)
                  (These are my Dads(plural)- I'm pretty sure that explain it..ish. anyhow. yeah.)

(This is my dog, Moot Bloom. He doesn't like Nickelback.)
(...but the bitches love him.)